Online Coaching Management System

As coaching grows and expands within your organisation, the need for a platform to better manage the process, effectively administer and manage the increase in activity becomes critical, this is where mye-coach can help.

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Online Coaching Management System

Our mye-coach system has been developed in response to this rapidly growing need to create a consistent, scalable and cost efficient approach to managing coaching within your organisation.

Challenges you might be facing:

  • educating and engaging people about coaching
  • monitoring requests and approval for coaching
  • selecting and matching coaches effectively
  • administrating and supporting the growing number of coaches and coachees
  • maintaining a consistent approach to coaching throughout your organisation
  • controlling pricing and budgetary spend
  • supervising and evaluating the coaching activity
  • generating immediate management reports
  • understanding current coaching themes and conversations

Our unique online Coaching Management System, mye-coach, addresses all of these challenges and more in a simple cost effective and efficient way.

  • tracks, monitors and supports all your coaching interventions to ensure transparency, openness and ROI
  • manages your requesting, selection and matching process effectively and efficiently
  • enables you to evaluate all coaching activity taking place in your organisation


mye-coach has been developed in response to the rapidly growing need to create a consistent, scalable and cost efficient approach to managing coaching and provide…

  • Organisations with a means of viewing and managing the coaching activity undertaken by either external executive Coaches or by internal Coaches thus helping to develop a Coaching Culture and to ensure Coach and Coachee accountability
  • Coaches with a professional and consistent means of conducting the process and interactions that surround a coaching relationship, while also providing them with an extensive range of coaching tools and services enabling them to provide a deeper offering to their Coachees
  • Coachees with a structured and focused approach to support the realisation of their performance objectives and provide confidence that the coaching activity has purpose and meaning.

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